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The decisions that you make today about how to dig yourself out from that mountain of debt, pending foreclosure, wage garnishment, judgment collection, will have lasting repercussions on your and your family for the next ten years and beyond. Take control of your destiny. Write your own story. Start a new chapter, a chapter free from debt.
Who we are

Our Story

Before the turn of the Century, the founders of the Center For Financial Literacy were saving thousands of debtors in Washington State from the drastic and debilitating effects of debt and being underwater. Whether it was negotiating with creditors, filing a bankruptcy, creating a plan of reorganization, or pursuing harassing creditors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, through good and honest action, hundreds of millions of dollars in debt were discharged for the good citizens of the State of Washington who were able to go on and lead productive lives, contributing to their local economy, helping the State to grow, and becoming the productive citizens the bankruptcy laws wanted them to become.

Join us as we re-examine the social contract that keeps us obligated to the payments of our debts, the reasons we get into debt in the first place, and the real world necessity to think rationally and logically about what your debt is doing to your well being.

While we can’t promise that we can work a miracle, we do guarantee that after reviewing the information on this website, you will be smarter and more informed. The decisions you make are the ones that will create consequences down the line. Be educated before you make the fateful decisions about your financial future.